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Small Print International 6

We are very happy to present Small Print International 6 as an online exhibition.

For our sixth Small Print exhibition, artists were invited to create work inspired by the first Aerogramme, which was introduced into the Iraqi postal service in 1933 by the Inspector General of Posts and Telegraphs. Self-adhesive strips along the edges of the paper allowed it to be folded and sealed, and therefore private, without the added weight of an envelope. 

For many years, the aerogramme remained the cheapest form of international communication, and people often went to extreme lengths to make the best use of the space available, including writing in different colours, in different directions, and printing directly onto the aerogrammes. The original form was printed on thin paper, 124mm x 99mm in size.

In keeping with these dimensions the Small Print International 2020 images all fit within a maximum image size no larger than 124mm x 99mm, and a maximum paper size of 22.5 x 20 cms.

Please note that all orders placed after 16 December will be processed and posted when LPW reopens after Christmas on Tuesday 12 January 2021.